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Has Taika inspired you in a profound way? Have you ever attended an exhibition of Taika, seen any of his stand-up performance, watched any of his movie, or met him in person? OR simply have you created anything inspired by Taika?

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Taika Trivia

A bunch of unnecessary facts about Taika which every true fan should know.



Read what it’s like to meet Taika in person. People report.


I’m in the Gang

Are you in Alamein’s Crazy Horses Gang?


Fan Art

Taika’s fans are creative, too!


Taika’s autographs!

Taika customized DVD covers

I get coffee with this…and Taika Waiti’s autograph.


Filmmaker, actor, and comedian Taika Waititi at the Maui Film Festival’s Taste of Chocolate event held at the beautiful Four Seasons Maui.

Taika was at the festival with his new movie “Boy”. He is also the writer/director of the film “Eagle vs. Shark” and was in the popular New Zealand comedy duo “Humourbeasts” with Jemaine Clement. He will be in the new Green Lantern movie, as well, so, you know, get to know his name.