Fan Art

Inspired by What We Do in the Shadows
Inspired by Eagle vs Shark

by Stella

(Nov 29th, 2010)

Inspiration! Even when you are not consciously thinking about it, his works get stuck in your head …. They make you think and reflect on a lot of things, life, relationship, bonds, dreams, etc… That’s the magic of Taika’s arts (of any form). He can make me laugh so hard, and then make me “think” (its a precious motivation/ good reason to take a moment and think because I am not much of a thinker – but a feeler) … for that and many other reasons, simply he ROCKS !

by Rachel Atulomah Illustration

Inspired by BOY
“Riding Dolphins, Drinking Cocktails” by Gorm

Gorm (Stockholm), one of BOY’s dearest fans, has created this really cool music mix called “Riding Dolphins, Drinking Cocktails” !!!

And this is what Gorm said, “It was all done out of love, and for the fantastic way he captured what essentially must be the best afternoon ever spent. Riding dolphins, drinking cocktails, indeed.”

Thanks Gorm, you sure are very talented! :)

T-shirt design

“U Egg” by Johnny Haru

Alamein a.k.a. Shogun

by Mitch Gee

by Sam Watson

by Max Clifford


Freestyling with Taika

I’ve been doing icons for livejournal for a few years now, so it felt natural to do some about Taika, as well as desktops/wallpapers. If you are ever interested in anything, you can find them right here. Let’s have a small preview of it:


by Paper People


Stella: My drawing of Taika from the summer of 2011 (the evening when I was supposed to be doing some serious reading but ended up feeding my soul what it needed, drawing & taika, obviously! :p …. oh BOY! :)


fun fun

Stella : Navi Taika
(Dec 16th, 2010)

to see the Navi Taika in motion click here (LIVE!)


mainly done by the peeps from FOTCmb

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