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Method Man – World Gone Sour (The Lost Kids) (2011)

it’s a commercial of Sour Patch Kids Candy as well

The Phoenix Foundation – 40 Years (2009)

Samuel F. Scott: Taika Waititi has made a video for The Phoenix Foundation track 40 Years. It stars him as a jogging, singing, knight killing, death defying beach enigma. Thanks to all the extras who stood in the sun and got burnt for our video. You’re awesome.


Taika and Tom discuss how the BAXI was used in the filming of the Phoenix Foundation’s 40 Years music video. To find out more about the BAXI go to http://www.baxi.co.nz.

video by taylormaw.co.nz

Out-take from a shoot for Phoenix Foundation music video – 40 Years…

Luke Buda – My Imminent Demise (2008)

Abandoned by his friends.
Alone on a strange planet.
He wanders, lost and confused…First single from new album “Vesuvius” by Luke Buda.Directed by Taika Waititi.
Shot in 3 hours, edited in 30 seconds.
It’s on video, friends!

The Phoenix Foundation – Bright Grey (2007)

The first single off The Phoenix Foundation’s new album “Happy Ending”.This clip was directed by Eagle Versus Shark master Taika Waititi. You can see lots of other stuff he has done on you tube…go searchingThis track was recorded by Lee Prebble at The Surgery studios Newtown, Wellington.

We hope you like it!
visit http://www.thephoenixfoundation.co.nz for more.

Age Pryor – Shanks’ Pony (2007)

Age Pryor: music vid for “Shanks’ Pony”, title track of my latest release…directed by Taika Waititi, at Nektar Films in Wellington, and made with the help of about 30 awesome volunteers. All live action, no post fx!for photos and more info see: http://www.agepryor.co.nz

The photos are in our Gallery

2degrees: Broadband Made Simple
Choose Your Trebor: Confessions (2015)
Stop Before You Start campaign (2014)


Nimble commercials (2014)
The Gas Bill
The Phone Bill (unavailable)
The Kids Part (unavailable)
NZTA: Snapchat (2014)

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Nova Energy: Watch it over and over (2014)

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Carlton Dry: #HELLOBEER (2013)

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NZTA: Blazed (2013)

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Optimum: MIDWULS (2013)

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Samsung: State Of The -Ation (2013)

co-directed with Stephen Kang

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Sky Ireland: Pierce Brosnan (2013)

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Tesco: Borg (2013)

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Australia Day 2013: Lambnesia (2013)

feat. Sam Kakovich

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The Old Navy commercials (2012)
New Girl

feat. Jason Priestley and Gabrielle Carteris


Why Choose?

feat. Jason Priestley, Luke Perry and Jennie Garth


Bee Bots!

feat. Mayim Bialik

Steinlager Pure – When Things Are This Good, Keep It Pure (2012)

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Super Bowl NBC promo – Brotherhood of Man (2012)

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Cadbury’s Keep Team GB Pumped
Wispa Gold – Gold (2011)

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Dairy Milk – Simply the Best (2011)

see the blog post with more details and Behind the Scenes video

Friends Reunited (2008)

An ad created by Hurrell Moseley Dawson & Grimmer.
Director: Taika Waititi
Creative Director: Al Moseley
Creatives: John Gibson & Erik Weidenhielm
Music: Iain Archer – We Can All Be Friends

Pot Noodle – Moussaka Rap (2008)

EDITORIAL: Spot Welders (Work)
EDITOR: Art Jones
DIRECTOR: Taika Waititi
AGENCY: Mother

Pot Noodle – I Wish (2008)

Ben&Stu: The Welsh Miners got the boot in favour of two blokes singing about food and women. We had the feminists up in arms about this one and even a complaint that the cupboard bit was a reference to Fritzel. The director Taika Waititi willingly took half the blame.

Pot Noodle – Back With No Appetite (2008)