The Artist

“… I suppose throughout my life I’ve had an artistic upbringing and education. So my first love was always visual art and painting and drawing. I did that for a long time, right through my twenties. I still exhibit now and again and paint and do photography… On my father’s side I got that, he’s also a painter…”  (the filmlot interview)

Examples of Taika Waititi’s versatility in visual art:
Nespresso artwork (2013)

Taika used empty Nespresso capsules to make an artwork. Read more about it.

img_0023 nespresso1

Taika’s Inspirations for BOY (2012)


Self-portrait photography (2009)

Samsung’s charity launch – photos taken by celebs on Samsung’s new superslim Ultra Touch phone, which has an 8- megapixel camera, and then auctioned and donated the funds to Youthline.


Wellington Gateway Sculpture Upoko O Te Ika A Maui (2008)

Taika, together with Megan Wraight and Claude Hidber created a project for Wellington Sculpture Trust. Read more about this project on Wraight + Associates and The Eye of the Fish. Hook of Maui was due to have been completed by June 2010. Unfortunately, “plans for a 35-metre-high illuminated sculpture at the bottom of Ngauranga Gorge have been ditched because of fears for aircraft and of a massive budget blowout.”*

Nevertheless, they won the 2010 New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects Gold Award in Landscape Design Category – Visionary Landscapes.

Cover art of Exposure Lifestyles magazine (2008)

Album cover and artwork for Age Pryor’s album Shanks’ Pony (2007)

finalist for Best Cover Art in the 2007 bNet NZ Music Awards


Posters for his own stand-up, Taika’s Incredible Show (2004)

Illustrations for “The Keys to Hell” (2004)

A book of short stories by Jo Randersons, with illustrations by Taika

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Storyboard from Two Cars, One Night (2003)