I’m in the Gang

What gang? The Crazy Horses Gang of course!
Watch this to get a lesson:

Where’s this from? check here
Oh and also check out the official website of the Gang !

So you’re in, huh?

Flight of the Conchords Chapter (Aimée Hannon – Ireland)

“The first thing I saw concerning Boy was the gang videos on youtube explaining what the Crazy Horses gang was about. I thought they were hilarious. I signed up to the gang and shortly after I got an email saying t-shirts were available to buy. I thought ‘why not?’ and bought one. Unfortunately, the medium size I ordered was huge and not very flattering. But it didn’t stop me from wearing it to the second FotC gig I went to in Dublin. I was lucky enough to meet Jemaine before the show.

When I met Bret in Manchester the next week I made sure to get a picture of us doing the gang sign together.

There’s no sign of when the film will be released over this side, but I was able to get a DVD through one of the my friends on whatthefolk.net who lives in NZ. She also helped to get my second Crazy Horses tee by picking it up direct from the distributor (thanks a million Helen!). I’m so happy with it! I’ll definitely be wearing it at The Phoenix Foundation concert in February.”

– Aimée Hannon, 1st Dec. 2010

Stan Walker Chapter (Tia Mark – Melbourne)

Stan Walker reppin it in Melbourne at a concert to tautoko Marae Melbourne…Kiri, Tyler & Baelee members of the Melbourne crazy horses :)
credit: Tia Mark

James & Taika are in, too!