Les Mills Charity BEATCAMP for the Heart Foundation

Between August 30 and September 24, Taika took part in Les Mills Charity BEATCAMP in Auckland.

Money raised through BEATCAMP™ will support the Heart Foundation’s work to help stop New Zealanders dying prematurely from heart disease.

(Taika’s page)

Hello fellow humans.

Contrary to popular belief, New Zealand’s number 1 killer is not electrocution by sticking your tongue in a toaster. It is in fact, Heart Disease.

Heart Disease. That’s like, disease of the heart, dontcha know.

Anyway, it’s killing 1 New Zealander every 90 minutes. That’s 2 per screening of Avatar.

On behalf of the NZ Heart Foundation, myself and a bunch of enthusiastic lunatics have signed on as HEART RACERS. We are getting up at 5.30am three times a week to attend BEATCAMP, a grueling, army style exercise where we are yelled at and made to do sit-ups. And if we don’t do the sit-ups properly we’re made to do press-ups. It’s fun.

Anyway, when I’m not pretending to be a soldier in Parnell, I’m encouraging friends, family, and friends of friends and families of those friends (basically all of humanity) to CLICK on the button below and donate to this Charity. This money will go towards training and weaponry for annihilating heart disease.

Giving money is possibly not quite as fun as rolling around in mud but trust me, it’s EASIER. So, please help and help us kick that naughty Heart Disease thing to the curb.

If you live in New Zealand your donation is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.

Go to Taika’s Fundraising Page (you can still donate).

Taika’s team’s name was Why, Aorta!.. and came in # 1 at the end of the Beatcamp! (Heart Foundation Team)

source: Les Mills BEATCAMP’s facebook page

You can find more photos with Taika in our Gallery.

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