Taika’s favourite word

…is also what he does when he’s bored. Do you already know what it is?

Here are some bits of a short Q&A he did for The Wellingtonista in 2007:

3. Wellington needs…
More bypasses to counteract the original bypass. It also needs a giant sculpture of a man holding a baby in one hand and a bazooka in the other. In my opinion.

5. When I’m bored I…
Wank off.

6. Given a million dollars I’d…
Give it all away to the poor. And then I’d snatch it back and say “Psyche!”. Then I’d laugh and laugh and laugh. Then I’d fly away with my own specially designed rocket pack designed for me by scientists.

7. What is your favourite word?
Wank. It is so ridiculous. Especially with a New Zealand or Australian accent. Sounds more like Wenk.

9. How do you manage Mondays?
I hide them in between Sunday and Tuesday where they won’t be noticed. Sometimes I place them in between Saturday and Sunday just to fuck with peoples’ heads.

10. Would you rather be the next Peter Jackson, or the next superhero?
I’d rather be Peter Jackson because he doesn’t need to run about in silly pants trying to save people – he just bathes in a pool of money. Well, I don’t know if he does but that’s what I’d do. If I were rich I’d just lie around all day on a bed made of money and I’d just laugh and laugh and laugh. And wenk.

I find it amusing that three years later he somehow managed to cover both. He’s the best NZ director (look at his all awards! but still not rich, though… Sorry, Taika… a bit disappointed, aren’t you? ) and he’s a superhero‘s best friend!

One response to “Taika’s favourite word

  1. what a funny interview.. it cracked me up.. mean ass Taika <3 … where did he get his crazy-genius thoughts & ideas from ??? love him <3

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