MTV likes The Inbetweeners

Excellent news!

MTV has picked up its remake of the award-winning British series The Inbetweeners to series with a 12-episode order. Brad Copeland wrote the adaptation and serves as the showrunner. He is executive producing with Iain Morris and Damon Beesley, creators of the original series, and Aaron Kaplan of Kapital Entertainment.

The Inbetweeners, which was greenlighted to pilot in September, stars Joey Pollari (Avalon High), Bubba Lewis (To Save a Life), The Virginity Hit star Zack Pearlman and Mark L. Young (Big Love) in a high school comedy described as Superbad meets Freaks and Geeks. It revolves around four high school boys (Pollari, Lewis, Pearlman, Young) who belong to the “inbetweeners” social class — teens who are not the most cool and popular but not geeky enough to be branded uncool. Taika Waititi (The Flight of the Conchords) directed the pilot.


We don’t know if Taika will be directing more of the series or when the pilot airs, but we sure let you know when find out!


2 responses to “MTV likes The Inbetweeners

  1. Wishing MTV and the cast and crew of this US remake the very best of luck in capturing the unique joy that is Neil, Will, Jay, and Simon! For American fans of the brilliant UK original, don’t miss the classic “The Inbetweeners Movie” when it finally opens stateside on September 7th! And spend the summer with the boys now at .

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