Taika in Studio 49

Listen to Taika on Native America Calling
recorded on Friday, May 20, 2011.

Film through Maori Eyes
More and more, film is becoming one of the prime ways the indigenous story is accurately being told and shared. It is the moving image that is not only proving to the world with proof that indigenous people and their culture still exist and is thriving but, it is also a form of media that is depicting our modern stories as the First Peoples. The power of film is extended beyond the Indigenous America and is alive and well in the world of the Maori of New Zealand. So when it comes to film through Maori eyes, just how does the perspective change? Guests include Maori filmmaker/actor Taika Waititi.

He talked about Boy and the value of storytelling and because it was a phone-in, you can hear Stella, who is one of us, talking to Taika! He was so kind and awesome with every call. One of the listeners asked him when and where we could see Boy and Taika answered that maybe in August and hopefully by the end of the year it would be available on the Internet to stream or to download. Good news! Listen to the whole show for your own good!



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