Taika doesn’t approve

Wellington Airport decided to go ahead with their plans to erect a ‘Wellywood’ sign on the Miramar Peninsular hillside, which I don’t understand, because it seems like the Wellingtonians hate the idea. I hate it, too.

Taika is making a structured argument against it.

Film director Taika Waititi has come out swinging against the Wellywood sign.

“I have always prided myself on hailing from a city of artists, the centre of New Zealand creativity, but this is so gauche, so Sesqui 1990.”

If there had to be a sign then why not just “Wellington”, which could be done in flowers to mimic one that used to be at the northern end of the runway, Waititi said.

“What about ‘Bring Back Buck’? That’s way more relevant to the Rugby World Cup. Or even `Apartheid sucks’. They’re all about as new and cutting edge as this [Wellywood].”

I don’t know if anything can get to the Airport people’s heads…


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