Taika in Taos

Each month Sundance Institute highlights one member of the Alumni Advisory Board and May belonged to Taika Waititi.

This is what an Australian wrote after seeing BOY in Washington, D.C.:

If you haven’t seen Boy you please let me shame you into seeing it as soon as humanly possible: this movie is amazing, and you are a lesser human being if you miss out. So good.

Also good was the fact that the filmmaker, Taika Waititi, was at the screening and did a Q&A afterwards. For once the questions were vaguely decent, with only one idiot complaining about having difficulty understanding the Maori accents in the film. Waititi responded like a champ, saying something along the lines of, “the rest of the world has to put up with American accents on tv and in movies all the time. You can tough it out with my accent for two hours.”

source: Just Some Things

I’m bringing this up, because it’s well said and also because of one of the things that Taika says in this video from his visit in Taos, New Mexico and screening of BOY there.

Taika Waititi joined the Sundance NativeLab roadshow and brought “BOY” to Taos for a special screening.

Everything what he said was great, but the best news I think is this:


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