Green Lantern in the theatres

Green Lantern is now released in the theatres in the USA, UK and many other countries. Check out the release dates. New Zealand got it first!

The world premiere took place last Wednesday, 15th June at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California. Taika attended. You could watch live stream on GL’s facebook page, but if you missed that, here is the full coverage. First time, Taika shows up at about 50 minutes into the video, two minutes later he gives an interview and then you can spot him a couple times through out the rest of the video. I also like the interview with Tamuera Morrison at the very beginning of the video. He’s a fun.

As for Taika’s interviews, he agreed to give an exclusive one and only interview about his role in the film to, Taika’s big Green Lantern break.

He talked about his character, Tom Kalmaku, working with normal stars who are very professional while him being very unprofessional, unreliable and star struck, and about not having the intension of becoming a Hollywood star, which makes me happy. I wouldn’t want Taika to get distracted by someone else’s projects and neglect his own film ideas he’s been working on. And it looks like I have nothing to worry about,

Waititi admits in reality he just doesn’t have time for acting at the moment.

“I’ve kind of been too busy doing my own stuff. I’d like to, but I almost don’t have enough time.” […] “I’m just not sure which one I will finish first, but there’s the intention of hopefully shooting within the year. But that all depends on which script I finish first – again, I’m lazy.

“You know when you’re hanging out somewhere like New York, the last thing you want to do is work. There are always better things to be doing.”

And that’s why you’re poor, mister, so get back to work! ;-)


We have created a gallery with photos from the premiere and here you can watch Taika striking a pose on the black carpet:

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