Super City DVD deleted scene

Madeleine Sami freestyles with P Money

NZ$29.98 exclusively from JBHIFI. Filled with deleted scenes, bloopers, commentaries and play by character bonus disk.

Madeleine Sami as Linda from TV3’s Super City freestyles with P Money. One of the many deleted scenes on the DVD.

Starring Madeleine Sami and directed by Taika Waititi.

2 responses to “Super City DVD deleted scene

  1. I got that for my birthday. Excellent stuff. To be candid though I’m not sure how many people know about it. It certainly hasn’t raised the fame that Boy did, but to me, things are better when they aren’t too popular. I’m sure the studio and distributers wants it to be as big as they can make it, but to me, it’s good to have something a little bit rare – though it did win a couple awards apparently. When it comes to talking with foreigners, it’s unique and it’s underground so it represents something kiwi that not everyone is in on around the rest of the world. A real gem. There’s stuff on that disc that are so poignant and unexplored in popular art.

    • I love Super City and I think it’s a very universal show, and not only for people from New Zealand or just Auckland. Regarding the fame of Boy, mind you that it’s a tv show and Taika just directed it. The whole idea and the script was written by Madeleine and Tom, so maybe the reason of not being as popular as Boy lies there. Some people just don’t get this kind of comedy, which is a real shame, because it’s very true. Nevertheless, Taika did a great job and I hope he’ll direct season 2 if it comes to it. I also heard that they were trying to sell the show to the US to make an American version, but it’s quiet on that front at the moment. I agree with you about how unique, original and underground kiwi cinema is and let’s hope that the rest of the world won’t spoil it. It’s like a kiwi bird, so rare and unique. It has to be protected.

      Great comment, Jesse. Thanks! I’m happy you like the DVD.

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