Father’s Day card for Taika


Taika is a dad now and we are thrilled and happy for him and his wife. I’m sure you are, too and that’s why we’ve decided to start a group card which you’re invited to sign, if you would like to send your well wishes and congrats to our favourite director.

In New Zealand, a Father’s Day will be on 2nd September and that’s a long wait. We’ve decided to send the card to Taika on 17th June, which is Father’s Day in the UK and the USA.

I hope you like the idea and join us in sending some lovin’ to Taika and Te Hinekāhu, his beautiful daughter.

Click on the picture to go to the group card site. You’re more than welcome to share the link with your friends who love Taika and his work and wish him all the best in this new and exciting chapter of his life.


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