What We Do in the Shadows trailer

Want to see a bit of Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement’s new vampire comedy What We Do in The Shadows?

You can today with nzherald.co.nz hosting an exclusive online premiere of the film’s trailer.

We’ve seen it and so far it looks like a brilliantly sly romp through the lives of Wellington’s vampire, werewolf, and zombie populations, pulled off with Hollywood style, and typically dry Waititi-Clement humour.

So, are all the best bits of the movie in the trailer, as is sometimes the case?

TimeOut asked Waititi that very thing.

“We tried to put people off seeing this movie by filling the trailer with all the worst bits – the most depressing, boring stuff we could find,” he said.

“It’s not our fault if people watch it and think the film is going to be the most hilarious, awesomest film of the year.”

The film, which is Waititi’s first feature since local mega-hit Boy, releases in New Zealand cinemas on June 12 in mid-June.

source: NZ Herald

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