Passing Time teaser and vamps on Trade Me

It’s #FangFriday and What We Do in the Shadows have released a new teaser ‘Passing Time’ that shows what the vampires do to kill the time through out the whole eternity.

What We Do In the Shadows is set for a NZ cinema release from 19th June and a special premiere event will be held in Auckland on June 6th.

As part of the film’s promo campaign, the vampires are selling some precious and not so precious things from their flat, like a special shovel or stakes and crucifixes or things they’ve made using their skills, like a portrait or knitted thing. Go to Trade Me, bid and help Viago, Vlad and Deacon attend the premiere in Auckland.


Also, don’t forget about the poster competition and to send the photo of your #DeliciousNecks!


One response to “Passing Time teaser and vamps on Trade Me

  1. I can’t wait for this movie!! Do something special for Melbourne, there’s heaps of pale bloodsuckers down this end!!! Cheers

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