5 Zimmer, Küche, Sarg premieres in Berlin


5 Zimmer, Küche, Sarg (5 Rooms, Kitchen, Coffin), which is the German title for What We Do in the Shadows, had its premiere at UCI Kinowelt Colosseum in Berlin last Friday. Taika, Jemaine and Emanuel were special guests at the premiere and photos show they were very generous with their time spent with fans before and after the screening.

Check out the photos on FantasticMovies.de and in our Gallery.

On the next day, there was a special screening of Shadows at Kino Moviemento presented by Down Under Berlin and two days later, Taika and Jemaine turned into vampires and were invited to the Unholy Masquerade in Berlin Dungeon.

It was very horrible to meet you! @AJemaineClement @TaikaWaititi Go out & watch "5Zimmer, Küche, Sarg"! GRANDIOS!

Here are some videos and interviews with Taika and Jemaine while they were in Germany.

What We Do in the Shadows / 5 Zimmer, Küche, Sarg in cinemas from 30 October.


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