“Flash Gordon” got the axe

The Playlist reported, that During a recent earnings call, Disney CEO Bob Iger lamented about the recent performance of the studio’s newest purchase, Fox. After the terrible box office performance of […] recent Fox releases, the subsidiary ended up losing $170 million in the latest quarter, leading Disney to re-evaluate the future of the label.

What that means is that moving forward, Disney isn’t going to allow Fox to just create the same number of films that it usually does, leaving many of the projects that were seemingly in development now suddenly without the support of the studio. And someone over on Reddit decided to compile a list of the almost-300 films that are currently in some sort of development under the Fox brand and highlight which interesting films are likely going to find themselves on the chopping block.

Movie that has been scrapped with a plenty of others is Taika Waititi’s animated “Flash Gordon”, which was in the stage of a treatment.

From our perspective, that was a short lived project but who knows how long Taika had already worked on it?

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