Reading Letters Live

On October 3rd, Taika Waititi took part in a live performance “Letters Live” at the Royal Albert Hall in London. He shared the stage with Stephen Fry, Olivia Colman, Benedict Cumberbatch and Jude Law, just to name a few.

Taika read two pieces: I can only hypothesise – Justin Lee’s letter to New Zealand Police and Little things – Salvador Dali’s letter to Federico Garcia Lorca. He was the highlight of the night.

Broadway World UK review
Taika Waititi was another hit of the evening, both for a fittingly surreal performance of a letter and poem from Salvador Dali, and for a 2004 note from New Zealander Justin Lee to the local police about a speeding incident – except, according to the authorities, Lee had been driving a different car (with the same registration number) in 1974. The date of his birth. The content was cleverly and hilariously crafted, then taken to a whole new level thanks to Waititi’s irreverent style.




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