…stick to your vision…

More words of wisdom from Taika in an interview he gave to an Australian magazine back in August, while he was promoting Boy before its national release.

But first, here are my favourite parts of what the interviewer wrote about him and what Taika said about himself:

As well as writing and directing the film, Taika also did a lot of the artwork and drew the animated segments as well. Boy, like his other work, is infused with a tremendous amount of creativity, imagination, and vision, which is truly his hallmark as a director: the ability to create something imaginative and different, but also something multi-layered, meaningful and cultural. And he loves to have a good laugh too.

I wouldn’t say it better!

Taika wasn’t a typical child; where other kids were flocking to go and see the latest Hollywood blockbuster, he was more excited by the B-grade imitations. “I really loved all of those B-grade films that were like copies of big films. […] I think it’s good to watch crap movies, you learn where people went wrong, what not to do; but also to use what they’ve done, and use it to your advantage.”

The contrast between big Hollywood productions and independent films:

“[Working on Green Lantern] was hilarious; it was just funny coming from a small film like Boy and then seeing people waste hundreds of millions of dollars on effects and stuff.”

And finally Taika’s advice:

“Don’t listen too much to other people’s advice. Because if you listen to too much of it, you end up making a film like everyone else’s. Just stick to your vision and even if you’re wrong, and you’re never going to be wrong because it’s your vision, but even if you do something that people see as a mistake, at least it’s yours, it’s got your stamp on it.”

Funny thing is that his repeated advice is not to listen to anyone’s advice!

Read the full article here. There’s a fragment where the interviewer mentions the moonwalk and other Michael Jackson’s moves on Good News Week. Here’s this part of the show:


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