…you have to make your own fortune out of fantasy…

A little buzz is starting to rise up around Boy in Australia again, since the movie is about to be released on DVD there, and to be more precise, on January 13.

Taika for heraldsun.co.au about the success of the film:

“It exceeded my expectations, (…) I would have just been happy if it’d just had a good couple of weeks and a respectable box office.”

…about the 80s:

“On TV you had access to this world of fortune and the lifestyles of the rich and famous and that sort of thing but in reality it’s all pretty hand to mouth and you have to make your own fortune out of nothing really, out of fantasy.”

…about the genre of Boy:

“Audiences go to a movie and they know basically the story before they get there. But when you go to something like this and there are some really more poetic bits to it, more dramatic parts to it, and then straight after that the drama’s alleviated a little with some comedy, I think it throws audiences around a little.

“It’s probably good to be thrown around as an audience member and not to know (because) it’s truer to life. It’s probably more reflective of how we live day to day.”

…and the “dark humour” that the Australians and Kiwis share:

“(Australians and New Zealanders) like to laugh at awkward moments and uncomfortable moments, where American comedy is very broad and it’s very obvious comedy.”

“(Australia and New Zealand are) two countries that are sort of pushed to the side by the Crown … we’ve had to survive Down Under by ourselves and develop our own sense of humour.”

The rest of the world needs to wait for Boy’s release. How long?!


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