You don’t want to miss “Boy” Collector’s Edition DVD

If you haven’t bought Boy with its first DVD release, you shouldn’t worry. It’s even better, because now there’s a real treat waiting for you. On December 15, a 2-disc set was released in New Zealand and a Collector’s Edition version will have an Australian release 13 January. The 2-disc version contains:

  • director’s commentary;
  • special Taika Waititi introduction;
  • Behind the Scenes footage;
  • deleted and extended scenes;
  • Crazy Horses videos;
  • Oscar® nominated Two Cars, One Night.

What are you waiting for?
(Well… I’m waiting for my region edition…)


12 responses to “You don’t want to miss “Boy” Collector’s Edition DVD

  1. When will this ever get a region 1 or 2 dvd release so that we can watch it in the US or the UK?

    • Good question. At the moment only Poland is privilaged to have BOY on DVD (region 2) from European countries and menu is Polish/English. As extras, there’s director’s commentary (hilarious) and Taika’s short film Two Cars, One Night.

      As for the US, the movie was supposed to be released in cinemas in October/November, but it looks like it’s been shifted to February 2012. Sorry, guys! You can always try to catch it at some festivals all around the States.

    • I would love to have a region 2 DVD (or even better, blu-ray) of this film..! Saw it at the Berlinale in February 2010, and totally fell in love with it. I simply need to have it in my movie collection… :)

      • Eirik, keep an eye out on the link to the Polish edition (region 2) on the right sidebar, because it’s unavailable at the moment; it run out of stock. It’s got Polish/English menu. I’m still surprised how much time it takes them to release the film in the UK and the US!

  2. Great news, but will it be region A only? I live in Europe so my PS3 is restricted to region B… I’ll consider buying a region free Blu-Ray-player if that’s the only option though…

  3. I want to buy BOY for a friend in Spain. I think its region 2 – if I get the Polish version will it work and you can select no subtitles right??

    • Hi, yes, Spain is region 2 as Poland is, so if you buy Polish DVD it should work everywhere in Europe. Yes, you can switch subtitles off. Unfortunately, Menu is in Polish (shame on us!) and from what I remember, there are no Spanish subtitles. But, there are English subtitles!

    • Second option is ordering French edition – region 2 as well, although I don’t know the details of its release. On Amazon it says it’s got only French subtitles.

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