Super City premiere

Super City, a new tv show directed by Taika Waititi, had its premiere on New Zealand’s  TV3 last Friday.

Super City begins with introductions. There are five very different and very hilarious characters going about their lives in this great super city.

The show was written by Madeleine Sami (some Eagle vs Shark fans may recognize her – she was Lily’s first customer at Meaty Boy) and she is the star of the show as well. She plays all five characters and she does it pretty well. From what I read on Twitter, people love the first episode, have their favourite characters already and can’t wait for the next Friday evening!

I must admit, I wish I lived in NZ just to watch this show. If you do, you can still watch the episode 1 on TV3 On Demand. The rest of the world can just follow Super City on Twitter: @supercitytv and “Like” its facebook page in hope that one day they’ll tell us when we can see it too.

Madeleine Sami is on Twitter as well, @madeleinesami, so follow her and tell her how much you love her and her new show. And of course, follow @TaikaWaititi.


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