BOY in the US this year

Recently, NZ Herald talked to Taika on the phone and heard that although he misses his country, there are some work opportunities abroad that will keep him away from New Zealand for a couple months. Speaking from his Los Angeles home, Waititi said he would “love to be living at home but right now there are more opportunities over here. At the moment I have these opportunities to live and play in other cities, but I’m always going to live at home.”

I’ve found some very promising news in that article:

[He] has just completed a pilot for an MTV remake of hit UK comedy The Inbetweeners, and finds out in a month if it will be picked up for a full season.

His smash hit Boy will finally get its general release in the United States this year, after making $9.3 million last year to become the highest grossing New Zealand film.

For the next three months at least, Waititi will be in LA where he is working on scripts for film and TV projects.

And about playing in Green Lantern:

“It was my first experience of that sort of thing. I would do a blockbuster again, but it all depends on the project.”

All sounds good to me!


2 responses to “BOY in the US this year

  1. Hey Taika,totally loved the movie,took my tamariki to go see it in manukau city,just watched it at home on rialto on sky t.v,never get sick of watching it,takes me back to the romantic days of my childhood,even if they were more like once were warriors,back in the hood.Having a sense of humour really was key to getting thru the hard stuff tho,nehu,just wanted to give you a tautoko,always followed your career,and wish you nothing but the best,good luck!!!

    • Hi Donna!

      I’ll make sure to pass it on to Taika as we’re not him. We’re just three fans who love him as much as you do and this fansite is our tribute to Mr. Waititi.

      Thank you for your beautiful comment.



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