Berlinale awards

So, who did Taika and his colleagues from the jury award?

The Grand Prix of the Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk for the Best Film went to…

Jutro bedzie lepiej (Tomorrow will be better)
by Dorota Kędzierzawska
The jury was struck by the beautiful combination of playfulness and humour within a tense story of survival. The film-makers, with assured direction and beautiful cinematography, have crafted a moving story set in a harsh world where children are free to control their lives but not their destinies. With exceptional performances that create light in the darkest of situations, this film impressively sets an intimate and personal story against an important political and social backdrop.

Here is the full list of the winners in the Generation section.

I feel so proud of my fellow countrywoman and grateful to Taika for his excellent choice! Thank you!

And, if you haven’t read a short interview with Taika for NZ Herald published this week, here it is. Some bits from the article:

Now he notes that Boy, which so far has been released only in New Zealand and Australia, is set for release in Sweden and Poland – “they love New Zealand films there; Scarfies and Eagle vs Shark released in Poland!” The film comes out in the US later in the year and Waititi will be based in Los Angeles for much of 2011.

Actually, we already had BOY in cinemas and probably Poland will see the film soon on DVD. Again, I feel so privileged!

In Berlin he’s using his down time to meet potential co-producer partners for future projects.”I’m quite keen on exploring New Zealand and European co-productions because I might be working here at some point, so I’m trying to figure out how I might easily finance things.”

Mr. Waititi, you’re more than welcome to shoot your films in my country.

Regarding The Inbetweeners, “Even if the show gets picked I don’t have to commit to doing it just because I directed the pilot. I can decide on that later.”

And my favourite part,

“We went to True Grit on opening night but I ran around the back to go into the theatre,” he confides. “I don’t like hanging out with people who aren’t my friends. I don’t want to hang around with someone just because they’re famous. It’s just not my thing.”

That explains why I can’t find any photos of him at the Berlinale, but I’m happy with whatever Taika feels like doing.

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