Michael Jackson’s family and fans approve Taika’s BOY

Taika’s fans expand to Michael Jackson’s family and fans! Watch this exclusive message for Jackson Source community!

That’s not over! You can enter JC BOY competition and win exclusive BOY the movie goodies! They have 6 posters, signed by Taika and 6 (clothing) patches are being made and will be available for this contest!

For your chance to win one of the BOY goodies e-mail your full name and postal address before March 10th, 2012 to info@jackson-source.com.


You can only send in one entry
The winner will be notified by e-mail
The winner agrees that his or her name will be announced here on the website
Jackson Source will not enter into any correspondence about the results or individual entries
The name and address of the winners will be forwarded to a marketing agency that will send out your prize.

With Michael’s nephew’s support, BOY can reach so wide audience!


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