James Rolleston in a new Vodafone ad

If you wonder what James Rolleston, the little star of Taika’s BOY has been up to, yesterday a new Vodafone advert with him had a premiere on New Zealand tv and James is as brilliant as Taika in his Steinlager Pure ad.

He’s not a boy anymore…

Do Your Thing Better


One response to “James Rolleston in a new Vodafone ad

  1. Yo James ~
    I want a copy of your Xmas gift Picture.

    My Uncle Hohepa did not leave me Anything in his Will so I have removed the photo of him that was covering a hole in the shed wall.

    Maybe another picture wouldn’t go amiss either because my Auntie Mihi keeps calling Me James and although it is an OK name – it is Not Fred. If I give her Your picture She will have a James to talk to.

    Cheers Bro and Merry Christmas


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