Friends make films together

In his recent interview with 1.4, Taika said, “I’m in NZ helping build the set for a movie that I’m making with my friends.”

By friends, he meant Jemaine Clement and Jonathan Brugh. By a movie, he meant the vampire comedy.

Waititi, Clement and Brugh is an old team who made a short film “What We Do In The Shadows” in 2005. After many years, they have finally got together to make a feature based on the short film from 7 years ago.

This is a synopsis of the short film according to the 2006 NZFF,
Directors Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi, assisted by fellow comedian Jonathan Brugh, explore the flatting lifestyle of three perennial bachelors, vampires Vulvis (aged 700, maybe 701), Viago (229) and Deacon (107). Listless, dandified masters of the artful sigh, they waver between trying to spook the anonymous filmmaker with their doomy tales, and making silken plays for pity. If you thought never dying might be cool, they’re here to tell you about the hollowness at the core of their eternal round of irritating household chores, domestic squabbles and Saturday nights being mistaken for homosexuals in the Courtenay Quarter. Few will be impressed by their haughty approach to younger vampires, though many may admire their openness in addressing such longstanding questions as: how can any man who never sees himself in a mirror care so obsessively about clothes, hair, and skin tone?

The vampire comedy is already in production. The shooting is taking place in a studio in Wellington. Here are some sneak peeks on the movie set.

photos by Taika

As well as you can meet the film crew on the streets of the capital.

photo by TransmitMedia

Good luck, Taika, Jemaine, Jonathan, Cliff and everyone involved! And if you see them, say ‘hi’ from us!


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