The winner of best presenter at the 2012 VNZMA

Taika was invited to present an award during the 2012 Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards at Vector Arena in Auckland on 1st November. Other presenters included such celebs as Karl Urban, Mumford & Sons and Ben Harper.

Of course, the title of this post is just a joke, because there’s no such category, but if there was, surely Taika would have won it. Here are some examples of what people tweeted during the ceremony.

tvnz: 9.12pm: Taika Watiti thanks his mum for letting him borrow a jacket for the evening, and gives the award for Single of the Year to Six60.

David Farrier: so @TaikaWaititi is the best presenter this year at the #NZMAs. encouraged paying punters to bottle the VIPs on the floor. win.

Carolyn Enting: Best comment Taika Waititi how are you enjoying the Six60 Kimbra Awards?

David Tong: “It’s a real who’s who of people I’ve never heard of. But Kimbra, she’s hot. She’s aight.”

Libel Music: Taika Waititi has been the best presenter so far #funny #VNZMAs

Dan Ahwa: Best thing about #VNZMA was @TaikaWaititi

Denise Montgomery: Why didn’t they just get Taika Waititi to present the whole thing. #vnzma #hesfunny

Steve Morrison: @vodafoneNZ Get Taika Waititi to host in 2013!

See it for yourself,

Check out photos from the Show on Zimbio and in our Gallery.
You can watch the ceremony again on FOUR On Demand.

Kimbra and Six60 were the biggest winners of that evening. Personally, I’m really happy for The Black Seeds who won Best Roots Album Award for their Dust And Dirt.

Other clips with interviews with Taika from that night:

Matt Hicks tries to talk to famous as NZ Director Taika Waititi at the 2012 NZ Music Awards

All the musicians are here – but who is the toughest musician in the ring -who are the heavyweight champions of NZ music – Kimo & Chey ask the experts?


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