The Captain selected for the Sundance Short Film Program

The 2013 Sundance Film Festival has announced Short Film Program. One of the films I am particularly interested in seeing is The Captain and I hope it will be screened at the Sundance London in April next year.

The Captain / Australia, U.S.A. (Directors: Nash Edgerton, Spencer Susser, Screenwriters: Nash Edgerton, Spencer Susser, Taika Waititi) — A man wakes up with a hangover, only to discover the consequences of his actions.

Taika not only co-wrote the short, but he also stars in it!

One of the directors of The Captain, Edgerton said, “It’s a huge honor for Spencer and I that The Captain has been selected to screen at Sundance especially seeing as we co-wrote it with our friend Taika Waititi who also stars in it, someone whom we met at Sundance years ago. It’s such a privilege for us to get to make films with our friends.”

The film was produced by Benjamin Gilovitz for Blue-Tongue Films in association with Burbank Gamma Ray and made with the assistance of Mobli, executive produced by Sue Yeon Ahn.

It was shot by Greig Fraser who this week won the New York Film Critics Circle Award for best cinematography for his work on Kathryn Bigelow’s film Zero Dark Thirty.

The Captain is the only Australian short film to get accepted in 2013, however it will run in the U.S. Narrative Short Films category as Susser is American.

Read full article on ENCORE. The photo via Twitch.

There’s one more film selected for Sundance I need to mention about. It’s Night Shift which will run in the International Narrative Short Films category. It was written and directed by Zia Mandviwalla and produced by Taika’s wife, Chelsea Winstanley.


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