Poster for The Captain

Co-directors Nash and Spencer teamed up with Taika Waititi (Eagle vs Shark writer/director) for their latest short, The Captain. It’s about a pilot who wakes up from a colossal hangover in the midst of a plane wreckage, which was certainly his fault. This short is only six minutes long, but is 100% better and more fascinating than that 138 minute snoozefest Robert Zemeckis made about an alcoholic pilot. (Note: I love Zemeckis to death, but Flight is an exhausting wreck.)

Nash sent me over the poster for The Captain, which you see can above you. Waititi stars and co-wrote the film with Nash and Spencer.


Now, when the Sundance 2013 is over and Flickerfest is touring Australia, I suspect quite a few people have seen the film. What can you tell about The Captain without giving away too much?

By the way, did you meet Taika? He was a guest of Sundance together with his lovely family. This photo was taken at producers’ brunch a week ago.

credit: Heather Rae

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