Shorts Program 4 is Surprisingly Human

Some thoughts about The Captain at Sundance 2013…

Elon at Sundance


In the last year, I’ve learned that I can’t go wrong watching anything from Kat Candler. I enjoyed her film, Hellion, and was pleasantly surprised by Black Metal. Candler is great at bringing a raw, human element to her work, and that’s largely why Black Metal works for me. It is the story of how a rock star deals with the news that one of his fans has committed a grisly crime that may have been motivated by his band’s music. I’m no fan of metal music, but seeing (even a fictional) metal musician so stripped down and vulnerable really struck a chord with me (pun possibly intended). I honestly wish this film had been a minute or two longer. It ends right when it seems like our protagonist is about to make a big decision. Maybe that was the point. Ahem, Kat Candler, I’m awaiting a sequel.



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