Maoriland Film Festival announced


The MAORILAND FILM FESTIVAL is to be an annual International Indigenous Film Festival in Otaki, New Zealand. Otaki is known as a place with a strong Maori identity. The festival’s organizers intend to do for Otaki, what Robert Redford did for Park City, Utah. Every year Park City’s population of about 6,500 swells to 40,000 as filmmakers, the film industry and fans view movies from every corner of the planet at the SUNDANCE FESTIVAL.

The MAORILAND FILM FESTIVAL will be the premiere indigenous film festival in Aotearoa New Zealand. (…) Maoriland is building relationships with the ImagineNATIVE festival in Toronto Canada – the largest indigenous film festival in the Northern Hemisphere – as well other premiere film festivals including Sundance and the Berlin Film Festival.

For the inaugural 2014 MĀORILAND FESTIVAL homemade Māori filmmakers will be in the spotlight with Taika Waititi screening and discussing his films TWICE on Day 1. Invitations have also been accepted by international filmmakers to attend. Tearepa Kahi, Louis Sutherland and Mark Albiston will be the guests on Day 2, Mystery Road‘s Aaron Pederson – Day 3 and Bird Runningwater AND Warren Maxwell on Day 4.

March 26-30, 2014

Tickets will be available shortly online and in selected shops

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Town of Otaki

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