‘The Captain’ available on iTunes

The Captain‘, a short film which Taika co-written with Nash Edgerton and Spencer Susser is now available on iTunes.

Now, after finally watching it, would you agree with the WILDsound Fest audience?

Anyone who wonders how much the set cost, I can refer to an interview with Nash Edgerton, one of the directors of The Captain.

Edgerton said, The Captain was filmed with little time, even less money but with the help of friends.

”We only had a small amount of money so we went around LA looking for existing sets that we could get a hold of,” he says. ”We found the set on a Wednesday and were shooting on a Saturday … and we only had like half a day to shoot it.”

Edgerton’s co-director, Spencer Susser, says: ”We still don’t really know how we got permission to do it. We didn’t ask many questions.”

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