Stolen Identity Questionnaire

stolenidentity Taika-Waititi-Moonbeams-Black-small-300x300

Taika Waititi #stolenidentity
Stolen Identity / February 10, 2014

Name: Taika

Where do you live: Aro Street

What do you do: Fiction Weaver, aka unemployed entertainer

What’s your bank account number: 0132538805639900

Lust for Life: Barely. More like lust for cocktails

Any Apologies: No, sorry

TWFT (word for today): Testicular

Your Instagram: @taikawaititi

Favourite person to follow on Instagram: @ pebbleshooper

Best #hashtag you’ve ever seen: #gofuckyourself

Song at your wedding: My Mistake by Split Enz

Song at your funeral: I’m Coming Out by Diana Ross

Taika wears: Moonbeam – Black Gloss / Smoke / Silver Reflection

source: Stolen Girlfriends Club

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