Taika Waititi pokes fun at John Key and National

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Here’s another reason to love Taika Waititi.

The What We Do In The Shadows star posted this photograph on Facebook today, which fetched almost 100 shares in a few hours.

The photo of the National billboard (located in Miramar), features the ‘V’ which stars in Waititi’s latest film and John Key showing his red fangs. Waititi captioned “I knew he was a vampire!!!”.

The photo, shortly after, was shared to the official What We Do In The Shadows, and fetched more than appreciative 1,000 ‘likes’.

Here’s a few of my favourite comments from the post, including this one from comedian Jesse Griffin;

“John Key definitely not of of those goofy ironic vampires that live in flats in Vellington – more the total cunt sort”.

Others commented:

“Hey Taika – I dunno how you feel about politics and I’m not trying to boss you around – it’s your business. But…

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