Have your share in the World Cup defence

In July, Dan Carter teased us with this photo on Twitter,

One month later, everything has been revealed.

Film-maker does his bit to inspire World Cup defence

Director Taika Waititi is taking the helm of a short film featuring everyday New Zealanders that aims to support and inspire the All Blacks.

For Rexona’s Do More project, Kiwis at home and around the world are encouraged to film a 60- or 90-second video demonstrating how they go the extra mile in their everyday lives.

The best entries will be selected by Waititi, the director of Boy and co-director of What We Do in the Shadows, who will weave the material together to create the short film.

The film, which also includes All Black playmaker Dan Carter, is meant to inspire not only the All Blacks in next year’s defence of the Rugby World Cup but all New Zealanders.

“The All Blacks do all that they can to win, they practise harder and they give up their comforts and things we take for granted so that they can play for their country and win,” said Waititi.

“It’s something they take very seriously and hopefully they don’t take it for granted so part of this is showing we don’t take life for granted.”

Waititi said the project was “exciting, scary but ultimately it’s pretty cool”.

“Doing more could be anything like getting up at five in the morning, or it could be someone battling a really serious illness or it could be someone who delivers burritos to the homeless … we don’t exactly know what we are going to get.”

He was unsure about how much footage would be needed or how long the film would be. However it will be ready before the All Blacks head to England next year.

He’s hoping the short film will be “smart and funny” and “almost emotional”.

“My films aren’t about winners, they’re about people who want to be winners but more often than not aren’t – but at least they have tried.”

Footage needs to be in by March next year.

source: NZ Herald

Here are more details found on Gems of Gorgeousness,

Inspiring, humorous, surprising or out of the ordinary – the best entries will be selected and turned into something very special and inherently Kiwi.

“We’re looking for videos that demonstrate the extra effort people go to that really shows the Kiwi spirit. The options are endless and that’s the really exciting thing about this project. I have no idea what people are going to send in. We want to hear the stories of the ridiculously early mornings and the late nights. It could be that extra lap they take around the Auckland Basin, taking food to the elderly home in Lower Hutt or peddling up the Port Hills, it’s all about the extra effort,” says Taika.

Working alongside the All Blacks and (sigh) Dan Carter, the project relies on Kiwis coming together to contribute the footage.

“We know that Kiwis are patriotic and passionate when it comes to supporting the All Blacks – and we want to see that passion on camera,” says Dan.“We want this to be something that Kiwis can not only be part of, but be proud of. This is a chance to, potentially, involve the whole country and create something very memorable in the support of the All Blacks.” he adds.

Go to DOMORENZ.REXONA.CO.NZ to upload your video.

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