NOVA Energy ad – watch it over and over

A new rhyming nationwide Nova Energy campaign via Clemenger BBDO and director Taika Waititi

Clemenger BBDO’s executive creative director Philip Andrew got into the spirit of the ad and sent this comment through: “Michael and Joanna from just over the road at Nova knocked us over with their request to advertise Nova. We were bowled over and the result is this TV spot which is working moreover.”

Read more at StopPress: Nova and Clemenger BBDO pull out the rhyming dictionary to celebrate national expansion


2 responses to “NOVA Energy ad – watch it over and over

  1. Nova energy makes dishonest and misleading claims of “providing great value energy for kiwi families and businesses” including “eco-friendly” natural gas. What Nova doesn’t say is that they are using and selling gas produced from fracking wells and the hidden costs of this extreme extraction method is not included in the current price, but those hidden costs will fall to kiwi families and businesses, just further down the track.
    For instance; the cost of cleaning up abandoned well-sites including the used waterways; the cost of polluted aquifers and continuous methane leakage from wells; the cost to public health and to individual families and businesses where members have been sickened temporary or fatally as a result of living, working and/or attending school in areas where the fracking industry just moved in one day.
    Todd Corporation is the parent company to Nova and is heavily involved in fracking rural communities in Taranaki. Amongst others, Kapuni and Tikorangi were quiet rural neighbourhoods before the petroleum industry ‘came to town’. Now, they are not only gas fields, they are fracking gas fields. Conventional oil and gas extraction causes damage to the environment that cannot be denied. However, the aggressive invasion of unconventional hydraulic fracturing (fracking) is known internationally to cause damage most New Zealanders could never even imagine. Another hard to imagine, but undeniable fact is that the Todd family are the people leading the unconventional drilling and extreme extraction invasion on rural New Zealand.

  2. Can you pls remove this ad from tele or get rid of the door bell at the beginning. Every time it’s on tv my dog goes nuts and runs to the front door.

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