Vampires at NZ Portrait Gallery


Three paintings of vampires to feature at NZ Portrait Gallery

Three paintings of vampires featured in the hit horror-comedy movie What We Do in the Shadows will be unveiled with a ghoulish party at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery on Thursday October 16. They are the most unusual additions the gallery has made to its collection of portraits of living and dead New Zealanders.

Artist Freeman White, who painted the pictures of joint directors/actors Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi and Jonathan Brugh which were featured in the movie, will unveil the works as they go on display at the gallery in Shed 11 on Wellington’s Queen’s Wharf.

They depict the film’s vampires Viago, Vladislav and Deacon, residents of the Te Aro suburb who have more or less retained human appearance despite being several centuries old and haunt the capital’s streets looking for sustenance.

The gypsy band Niko Ne Zna, which played three of its original songs on the film’s soundtrack, and a cash bar, selling bottles of the Delicious Neck beer made for the film’s premiere by Paraparaumu’s Tuatara Brewing Company, will ensure the event goes with a swing.

Posters and postcards of the vampire pictures will be on sale and local artists will offer to do 10-minute portraits of partygoers.

Gallery director Avenal McKinnon predicts the vampire portraits will attract much attention, especially from a younger audience, as they indicate that the collection is not just about old people and the past, but embraces contemporary life and events.

Where: New Zealand Portrait Gallery, Shed 11, Queen’s Wharf, Wellington.

When: Thursday October 16, 5pm-7.30pm. Free admission. All welcome.


Facebook page of the event

My guess, it’s going to be these portraits:


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