What We Do in the Shadows in UK cinemas NOW

Official UK poster

Official UK poster

What We Do in the Shadows opens in the UK this Friday, 21st November.

Even though it is a nationwide release, you won’t see it in every cinema. Follow this link to find your nearest cinema where Shadows is on.

Promo campaign and publicity went on full steam last week. The interviews recorded when Taika and Jemaine were in London in August for the UK premiere finally surfaced and you can enjoy them via our UK release publicity page – equally entertaining and hilarious as the film they came to promote.

Jemaine and Taika’s mockumentary has received great reviews with Peter Bradshaw’s from The Guardian amazing recommendation in the end, like the crown jewel: Why What We Do in the Shadows is the one film you should watch this week – video review and a 5 star review, ‘Best comedy of the year‘.

If that doesn’t convince you, listed to the guy who co-created the original Inbetweeners,



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